The Right Bail Bond Takes an Empire


“Empire bail bonds has been a life saver literally…. Their staff is phenomenal, I spoke with Jojo from the Hempstead branch whenever I had any questions or problems and she was more than helpful on numerous occasions. Also had the opportunity of running into Michelle, the owner as well and she was very humble, direct and down to earth. Bail is never a fun experience, anxiety is at an all time high in these scenarios but they way empire handled my situation was nothing less than amazing. All in all I had no complaints about working with Empire and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is caught up in the legal system and is looking to bail out with a bond.” – James, Nassau

“Twenty years ago my son got in trouble, my wife and I at the time were so nervous and scared not knowing what to do, someone says we should go to Empire Bails Bonds, well I can now tell everyone that was the best thing we could have done, I met Michelle the owner and oh my god she made us feel so at ease, since that time almost twenty years, now I can honestly say there is no better bails bond anywhere truly professional staff!” -Teddy 

“I was very nervous, scared and desperate for help. We were helped right away with understanding, knowledge and efficiency. Thanks to Bail Empire my brother in law was able to get out that same day and be home for Holidays!! Thank You” — Veronica, Nassau

“I went to empire bonds unexpectedly to find out information on how to get someone out desperately. I was nervous scared, a million different emotions but once I stepped into the office it all went away. The staff is amazing. They gave me all my possible options & gave me all the information I needed. I arrived later on 15 minutes before they were able to set the bond for him to be released that day, they did everything in their power to get him out the same day & that’s what they accomplished! I have never been so satisfied before by any service at any place. I recommend to anyone in need of help & they even played with my daughter and entertained her while I was filling out the paper work. Thank you guys!” –Jackie C.

“First off, I would like to thank Michelle and her staff for helping me out. I had got locked up in Florida and I needed a bond. No one in Florida would accept my bond. I an from new York, I guess why they didn’t want to bond me in Florida. Once my family contacted Michelle a day later I was released. Empire bail bonds can make it happen for you. Thanks again Michelle and your staff.” — Kyle P.

“Just a week ago my family and I went through a very emotional time. I read about Empire Bail Bonds online and finally decided to contact them for help. Michelle and her team were there to comfort and support us at the same time through our emotional state. Although it was our first time dealing with a Bail Bonds they walked us through the process explaining all the necessary information we needed along the way. They made me feel very confident and comfortable and this is by far the best customer service I have received in years. Empire Bail Bonds is the BEST!! I loved their promptness and also how they knew about our emotional state and showed us they cared. Michelle is a wonderful business woman very kind hearted, and helpful. Thank you again EMPIRE BAIL BONDS for everything and more.” –Lisa K., Nassau

“Michelle is not only the bail bond queen she is the bail bond angel. She not only rescued my son who was in great need of rescuing, but when she found that we were having a major financial crisis, helped to rescue us also… She is the embodiment of a Mitzvah!!!!! She has made my family whole!!!!! Multi gratia!!!!!” –Carolyn T.

“Today was the first time I posted a bail bond and I didn’t know exactly what to expect, however I did feel that I would be greeted by folks with less than desirable attitudes, or rather just roughened ‘we mean busines!” attitudes. To my suprise and embarassment for labeling folks before I meet them, which is something I don’t do on the regular, they were a fantastic group of professionals that were more like a family than an office. I was treated very well, felt very comfortable in Empire’s office and all the paperwork was expedited so I was able to be in-and-out quickly. I would definitely use Empire Bail Bonds® again, as well as refer them if and when anyone needs their services. Thanks again for your help!!!” — Steven H., Nassau

“I work in the law enforcement field. I’ve encountered various Bondsman during the course of my work. I never imagined that I would deal with a Bondsman in my personal life. Unfortunately, a member of my family was arrested and taken into custody. I contacted Empire regarding the bail situation. [The Empire administrator] was very compassionate when I told her about the situation. She listened patiently as I vented my frustration. She was very kind and professional.My overall experience with Empire was positive.” –Anonymous, Brooklyn

“Wonderful, wonderful people. Michelle and her assistant were responsive, sociable, and respectful people.They did not judge or make a remark on my case whatsoever; they did what they had to do in minutes. They did what they had to do, and went above and beyond for family. It’s a great pleasure doing business with them. Thank you very much!” — Jacquelie J., Nassau 

“I saw the Empire Bail Bond® Man in the coliseum walking by, and he handed me a card. I kept it and here I am today! Everyone has been so professional. I would recommend Empire Bail Bonds® to anyone!”
— Tricia, Queens


“You guys are great! Very professional and accommodating!”
— Steven, Hawaii

“Empire Bail bonds® are amazing , Michelle the owner is wonderful and beyond helpful. I came in there the other day in desperate need to get a bond processed before the judge got off the bench. I passed the owner Michelle in the hall way and she stopped. Michelle remembered me from the last time I was there, I explained to her my situation and within a instant Michelle had grabbed my paperwork from the person who had it and into HER office we went. NO one goes into the Boss Lady’s office and NO one ever directly deals with her. She saw that I was in such need and helped me and in no longer than 10 minutes it seemed the paperwork was done and she was off to court – she went herself. So we waited and 15 minutes later it was done. She went above and beyond to help me out and that’s why Empire Bail Bonds® is the largest bail bond business in NY. You need a bond go to Empire Bail Bonds® in Hempstead. They get things DONE. Thank you Michelle”
— J. Hicks, Nassau

“Our experience here with the Empire Bail Bonds® located in Hempstead was quick, pleasant, very helpful establishment. I would definitely refer this company. The process was explained and handle with accuracy and in a timely fashion.”
— Robin, Nassau

“I had to take the time to shout out Empire bail bonds®… we live in a society where are outstanding customer service rarely happens! Recently, my family experienced some hardships and Michelle the owner stood by our side and walked us through this difficult moment. What I learned is trouble has no face and can happen to anyone of us. My situation was extra challenging because I had to do all of my conversing from another state. Michelle and her crew treated my family with care and website professionalism that exceeded our expectations!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude that my family has for Empire Bail Bonds®. I would definitely recommend Michelle and her team to handle all your bail bond related troubles. It is hard enough to keep the faith during adversity… however, when you have a loyal and dedicated team to help your family through the transition… you can begin to heal and work towards resolve!!! Keep up the great work!”  –Candice & the Smith family! NY &VA

“Collins, McDonald & Gann has handled high-profile criminal cases in many courts throughout New York State and beyond.  We are regularly called upon to defend the most serious state and federal allegations.  Often, substantial and complex bail and bond issues are presented, necessitating a highly creative and energetic bail bond company to best serve our clients’ needs.  For example, one of our clients was charged in the Virginia State courts with felony offenses on which a bail of one million dollars was set.  Despite the distance and various complicating factors, Michelle Esquenazi immediately jumped into the case and quickly arranged a bond package.  The grateful client was promptly released from custody.  Empire Bail Bonds® has been our first choice in these cases, no matter where situated.”  Rick Collins, Esq., Collins, McDonald & Gann, PC

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